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Our product range includes a wide range of gynae third party manufacturing pharma company, diabetic range pcd company and citimax-p.
Gynae Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Company

Gynae Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Company

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Pharmaceutical Experience12 Year
Industry Typepharmaceutical
Service Modepharmaceutical
CertificationWHo & GMP
Promotional MaterialDiary
Product TypeTablets
StandardsISO 9000

Saphnix Life Sciences is Gynae Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Company, we are sharing some knowledge Gynae products. Gynae, which stands for 'good life' in Greek, is a specialized pharmaceutical company that produces quality and affordable health care products. It is a company of five men who started their company with one aim - to bring the best possible healthcare products to the consumer world. The products produced by Gynae are renowned all over the world for their efficacy and they have become very popular among people living with chronic conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. Many people have also started taking these drugs, because of the effectiveness and safety of the products. Gynae Third Party manufacturing (Saphnix Life Care) was established in 2008 and the main aim was to produce high quality and affordable healthcare medicines that are suitable for all.

The company is divided into two main departments. One department deals with drug discovery and the other deals with clinical manufacture of medicines. In both ways, the goal is to make sure that the production process and the end product reach the correct medical standards. The main areas of research and development that Gynae is involved in are genomics and genetic engineering, production of vaccines, drugs in small and large quantities, production of therapeutic proteins and antiviral therapies. Apart from drugs, Gynae also manufactures a wide range of health care products such as skin care, cosmetic products, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, oral healthcare and medical devices. All these products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.

The clinical facilities of Gynae are world class. They constantly upgrade their manufacturing facilities and use the latest tools and technologies in the production process. All the drugs that are manufactured by Gynae are packed in low cost containers, sealed with high security seals and delivered to the customer very quickly. The company takes full responsibility for the products it releases into the market and also takes care of all the distribution facilities.

There is a great demand for AIDS drugs in developed countries and therefore all the drugs manufactured by Gynae are approved for both global use and local use. This ensures that the public have access to the best medicines available. Another major advantage of the drugs manufactured at Gynae is that they are manufactured under biopharmaceutical standards, which ensure that the final product is free of any kind of side effects.

As one of the biggest suppliers of anti-fungal drugs around the world, Gynae is constantly engaged in discussions with the manufacturers of various drugs and other medical devices. These negotiations help the company make sure that it remains a key player in the industry. It also provides the company with a huge market. The huge market that Gynae has provided it with the option of selling drugs to many other companies as well. As the global economy continues to face problems, drug discovery is something that everyone looks forward to. It is one of the reasons why drugs from Gynae are considered to be extremely important.

Gynae is constantly engaged in producing large number of quality drugs. However, production facilities are sometimes unable to keep up with the demand. In order to meet the demand that the market has for the drugs, the manufacturing company has several research facilities all over the world. This helps them overcome any problem that they might encounter in the production process.

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  • Delivery Time: 50 Days
  • Packaging Details: all

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Diabetic Range Pcd Company

Diabetic Range Pcd Company

Rs 500  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Piece

Minimum Order Value500 box
Pharmaceutical Experience15 Year
Promotional MaterialDiaries, Visiting Cards
Type of Product RangeCardio-Diabetic
Number Of Already Existing Franchises50

The cardiac diabetic patients are in dire need of a good cardiac and diabetes health support system which can be provided by the Saphnix Life Care pharmaceutical company. The Saphnix Life Care franchise chain is a result of the collaboration between the Saphnix Company, which are situated in India, and the Saphnix Life Sciences that has been recognized as one of the largest India-owned health care chains. The two companies have come together to offer patients the best diabetes management support in the form of a diabetes management program Saphnix. The company aims at enhancing the quality of life for all diabetic patients with a strong emphasis on their nutrition and exercise.

The Saphnix Life Care Pharmaceuticals and Saphnix Life Sciences Program offers assistance to families with diabetic patients. The first floor of the company's main office is situated at Chandigarh. This is the place where they accept orders for diabetic supplies and equipment from customers. The company has two factories located in Ponta Sahib(HP), and  Karnal (HR).

The cardiac diabetic medical pharmaceutical products Pharma franchise includes one manufacturing unit and three sales and distribution units located in Auckland, Manukau and Whangaparaoa. The manufacturing unit consists of approximately thirty-five employees. The manufacturing unit manufactures over fifty types of diabetic meds. A number of these products are approved by the FDA and are recognized internationally. The manufacturing unit also produces cardiac diabetic supplies for use by hospitals and nursing homes. The distribution units ship a lot of medical products and devices to a number of locations in the country and abroad.

The Saphnix Life Care Pharmaceuticals and Niacin Credit Cardiovascular Diabetes Program is a subsidiary of Saks Fifth Avenue, a division of the Saks, Inc. The cardiac, diabetic medical pharmaceutical company is licensed to produce, market and distribute the following pharmaceutical products: Diabetes Care Thermometers, Diabetic meters, Medela Diabetic meters and Diuretics. The cardiac diabetic business was started in 1992. The company has also signed memoranda of agreement with the American Heart Association and the New York State Department of Health. The Niacin credit card cardiovascular diabetes program is part of the subsidiary's business as Niacin N-acetyl-glucosamine, Niacin Sulfate, Niacinamide and Niacin AMP.

The cardiac, diabetic medical pharmaceutical company is located in an industrial area phase one, which is the second manufacturing facility of the company. The first facility was established in the year 1990, while the main commercial office premises are located in the Central Business District of the city. The company holds ninety-two percent of the outstanding share capital of the United States based private pharmaceutical firm, which is Syaftex. The company expects to raise approximately sixty million dollars through the third party manufacturing company facilities.


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  • Delivery Time: 1 Days
  • Packaging Details: Alu Alu & Blister

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Rs 9,500  / BoxGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Box

Pack size10*1*10 Alu Alu, 10*10 Alu Alu, 10*1*10 Alu Alu, 10*10 Alu Alu
BrandCiticoline 500/500 mg and Piracetam 400/800 mg Tablets
ManufacturerSaphnix Lifesciences
CompositionCITICOLINE 500 MG AND PIRACETAM 400/800
Prescription/Non prescriptionPrescription
Citicoline is a nerve protecting medicine. It works on the brain by nourishing the nerve cells, protects them from damage and improves their survival. Piracetam is a GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) analogue. It works by protecting the brain and nervous system against shortness of oxygen and also affects various ion channels on nerve cell membrane.

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  • Delivery Time: Within 50 To 55 days
  • Packaging Details: 10*1*10 Alu Alu, 10*10 Alu Alu

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