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Ayurdvedic Third Party Manufacturing

Our product range includes a wide range of ayurdvedic third party manufacturing.
Ayurdvedic Third Party Manufacturing

Ayurdvedic Third Party Manufacturing

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Type Of Service ProviderSaphnix Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical Experience12 Year
Industry Typepharmaceutical
Service Modepharmaceutical
Location/CityPan India
CertificationWHO, GMP & ISO
Promotional MaterialDiary

Ayurdvedic Third Party Manufacturing pharma

What is Ayurdvedic Saphnix Life Sciences?

It is an independent company in Himachal Pradesh that manufacture herbal medicines. It was founded by Dr.Sachin Garg. He then went on to serve for years as an Ayurvedic consultant.

It is a small manufacturing company that is located at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. The most important medicines manufactured at Ayurdvedic are: Ayurvedic formulations for gout, diabetes, angina and heart disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, hypertension, kidney problems, skin conditions and many others. Saphnix is proud to be South Africa's first Saphnix Life Sciences factory. A very small operation at first glance, this manufacturer has managed to increase its sales to more than a million dollars per year.

What does Saphnix Life Sciences do?

The primary aim of the company is to manufacture the best possible medicines. It strives to comply with all international pharmaceutical standards including GMP standards. It also makes sure that it only employs pharmacists who have undergone thorough training. Ayurdvedic physicians are trained for a limited period of time and then employed full time.

Saphnix Life Sciences is a joint venture company between Saphnix and an India based manufacturer. The main aim of the company is to manufacture and market low cost, high quality, effective medicines that are ready to treat a wide range of diseases. Ayurdvedic physicians have a very big responsibility in this business. They are considered the primary authority when it comes to prescribing and dispensing Ayurvedic medicines. As such many companies view Ayurdvedic physicians as a good investment because this means that they have a better control over the prescription and dispensation of medicine in the country.

What is the manufacture process like?

Pharmaceutical engineers from Saphnix Life Sciences will work alongside the Ayurvedic physician to design and manufacture the medicines. The primary aim here is to make Ayurvedic medicines that are quick acting, highly effective and cost effective. Pharmaceutical engineers design the manufacturing processes and controls to ensure these goals are achieved.

What are the advantages of outsourcing the manufacture process to a third party?

The first and the most obvious advantage is that it helps reduce costs. The Ayurvedic physician can focus his attention on treating patients instead of looking after the manufacturing process. This results in higher profits because the Ayurvedic physician no longer needs to oversee the entire production process himself. A third party manufacturer will be able to provide better over the shelf solutions because it has access to much cheaper raw ingredients which make the formulation cheaper.

The second advantage is the reduction in time. Ayurvedic physicians and other Ayurvedic medical practitioners usually have to be in the office most of the day and at least four or five pharmaceutical companies must be working simultaneously in order to meet the demand for medications in the market. This leads to a lot of time and money that can be put to better use in treating patients. When Ayurvedic doctors and other qualified Ayurvedic professionals select third party manufacturing services, they can focus their attention on treating patients instead of the entire manufacturing process.

In terms of the manufacturing process itself, Ayurvedic physicians and other Ayurvedic medical practitioners to sign an agreement with the third party manufacturer. This agreement details how the manufactured medicines will be formulated and what clinical studies the company is going to perform before commencing the manufacture process.

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